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Camp Cool

 2018 Camp Cool

Camp Days & Times


Weeks Available
* Week 1 ~ 6/18 – 6/22/2018
* Week 2 ~ 6/25 – 6/29/2018
* Week 3 ~ 7/9 – 7/13/2018
* Week 4 ~ 7/16 – 7/20/2018
* Week 5 ~ 7/23 – 7/27/2018
* Week 6 ~ 7/30 – 8/3/2018
* Week 7 ~ 8/6 – 8/10/2018

No Camp Cool Week of July 2, 2018

Cost : $180 per week  $45 per day
Early registration rates if registered and paid  by June 1, 2018.
$160 per week or $40 per day
There will be a 15% Discount for multiple week campers and families with multiple children enrolling.

Who : Children ages 5 – 12 years old who are working on levels Basic 1 through Preliminary Freestyle.
What : A skating day camp for boys and girls who enjoy skating and want to improve their skills and learn new skills, or for those who want to learn to skate.  Skaters will have 3 hours of ice for each camper.  Campers will participate in group instruction on & off ice, conditioning, dance, arts & crafts and games.

For more information please contact Angela @  610-625-4774  ext.226.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What should we wear  and bring to “Camp Cool”?
A: You should be dressed in warm loose clothing that will not restrict movement, thin layers are best.  Gloves or mittens are also suggested. Also campers will need sneakers and clothes to do conditioning training in off ice.  If the campers have a jump rope they should bring that also.

Q: What time should we arrive?
A: Drop off time is 8-8:30am

Q: What time should we pick up Campers?
A: Pick up is at 2:30pm.

Q: Will skates be available?
A: Rental skates are included in the camp fee.

Q: What kind of skates should be worn?
A: Either hockey or figure skates are acceptable.  No double bladed skates. We suggest that you start in figure skates.

Q: Should the campers bring lunch and snacks?
A: Campers will need to bring their own lunch and snacks.

Please use link below for brochure:

Camp Cool Summer 2018